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My Specializations

Vibratory Healing

Transformation & Wellbeing

Vibrational healing is a powerful yet gentle path to transformation and well-being. Sound, color, light and movement adjust the energy of the being and harmonize the mind, energy and body opening to connect with the wisdom and guidance of the soul. 

The frequencies address physical, emotional and mental conflicts, allowing the individual to heal, align, transform and sing their soul song.

I am a certified practitioner at Tamado Academy, where I studied and trained under the founding father of vibrational sound therapy.

Vastu Shastra

Life Force & Harmony

Vastu Shastra is the ancient sacred science of architecture. It crafts environments where human existence harmonizes with the elemental forces of nature and harnesses the ever-benevolent life-force to bring vitality, truth and harmony to your life’s journey. Its transformative influence ripples through relationships, prosperity, personal growth, and business endeavors. Vastu is a powerful and invaluable tool to foster prosperity and harmony within homes and businesses

I am a certified Vastu practitioner, with a direct lineage to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. 

Ontocratic Coaching

Knowledge & Empowerement

Ontocractic coaching is a very unique perspective on personal growth. Its primary objective is to help individuals to align with their essence. The focus is on empowering the individual to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, decoding their belief systems, emotional patterns and behaviours, with the ultimate goal being to gain a more conscious perception of their reality . This is a path of taking responsibility for who we are and learning how to co-create our reality so that it aligns with our deepest essence.

If you are looking for powerful framework for self-knowledge and transformation, get in touch for a discovery call.

Conscious Controlled Breathing

Connexion to Self & Coherence

Our breathing is the first and most powerful tool for connecting with ourselves and finding coherence between body, soul and spirit. It is no wonder that conscious, controlled breathing is part of timeless spiritual teachings.
Conscious, controlled breathing is a practice that consists of paying particular attention to one’s breath and intentionally regulating its rhythm and depth. Conscious breathing has profound calming and centering effects. It can soothe the nervous system, reduce stress and regulate emotions or even increase vitality and concentration. It is a powerful tool for self-awareness and mental clarity, which makes it an invaluable practice for managing both the physical and emotional aspects of daily life as well as an incredibly powerful way to connect with oneself, find balance and coherence.

Conscious Business

Transforming Business through Spiritual Alignment

If you are a business manager and are personnally walking a path of consciousness or are on a spiritual journey, this is for you.

The companies we manage or create are energetic entities: they combine the energies of all the people who put their effort (energy) into it everyday to create realities (products, services, relationships, communications, etc). In the same way as we as an individual, strive to align our body, emotions and spirit to lead a balanced and prosperous life, the same can be done for a business. 

Managing the energy of a business can be a powerful tool to not only contribute to the world in a positive way but also to create wealth, wellbeing and prosperity for all.

If you feel a resonance with this, let’s have a chat. Book a discovery call or email me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Connect to your essence, change your vibration, create your reality

About me

Hello, there. 

I firmly believe that each of us carries a spark from the divine source. This boundless well of potential is what empowers us to shape the life we aspire to. As a teacher, coach and healer, my role is to help my clients remember that and guide them to learn how to tap into that potential. I am honored to accompany my clients on their path of consciousness- which is such a transformative journey- helping them discover their inner strength and mastering the art of understanding, navigating and creating their own reality. 

Also, by bringing consciouness into our comprehension of life and our actions we forge deeper connections with humanity and our environment. We then understand that our lives are intricately interwoven and every stride we individually take towards more awareness contributes to the evolution of us all.  

This is what propels my own personal journey and I am equally dedicated to supporting yours.

Dounia is really my big sister spiritually. Her coaching is unwavering to move me towards my coherence. She will stand firm and not let me B/S myself, while holding me with the greatest compassion possible.

A truthteller, when she sees something and tells it out loud, it’s very difficult not to see it. And healing starts with seeing. She will also not let me bypass things, put aside points we’ve talked about but left uncleared.

She will also insist on things happening in 3D not staying in the talking/ideas realm.

Working with her brings coherence and consistency to my spiritual journey, removing huge toxins and clearing the air for my spirit to manifest. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.

Ms Y.


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